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"…earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3.

Youth Corner




The Students Outreach started in 1979 when the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry held the first ever Free Vacation School for Secondary School Students in Lagos State. The impact of this programme was tremendous as lives of many young people were transformed and they were motivated to succeed academically.

Widening the horizon of youth evangelism, the outreach to students in their various schools was established as Post Primary School Outreach. This was eventually changed to Deeper Life Schools Outreach (DLSO). Over the years, this Outreach has operated in the Secondary Schools directly or indirectly under the names Success Club or Christian Student Fellowship. There is an off-shoot of DLSO which caters for the youth in Deeper Life Bible Church. This is named Youth Home Success Fellowship.

LTP 2nd Term   2010-2011 SESSION


 YSTS VOLUME 38 FileWord PDF  
 CT FELOWSHIP Outlines-2nd Term 2010-2011 Session-1 FileWord PDF  




August 31 2010 The Making of a Champion Video                      Audio
September 01 2010 A praying youth (Jabez) Video                      Audio
True Friends of Great Achever Video                      Audio
Purpose of a Tough-minded Teenager Video                      Audio
September 02 2010 The seeds of Greatness Video                      Audio
Partnership to make dream come True Video                        Audio
Promotion for Courageous Youth Video                        Audio
September 03 2010 The Aphabet of Success Video                        Audio
Passing the test of Purity Video                        Audio
Passing Tragedy to Strategy Video                      Audio
September 04 2010 The 50/20 Principle of Success Video                        Audio

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Do you desire a glorious future? Below are video messages  by Pastor William Kumuyi to help you actualise your great dream.  Kindly DOWNLOAD  or  PLAY  the messages by clicking on these following video titles:

1 That I May Know Him
2 The Prodigal Youth
3 Divine Favour for the Upright
4 The Yoke Shall be Destroyed
5 The Persecuted Youth (Joseph)
6 Spiritual Growth
7 Conquering through Faith
8 The Praying Youth (Jabez)
9 Profit of Divine Companionship
10 Earnestly Contending for the Faith
11 Unlimited Possibilities for Christ ‘s Followers

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